So, what is this all about?

WpRightOnTime is a web cron service, exclusive for WordPress powered websites.

WordPress has a built-in pseudo cron system , called wp-cron, that allows you to create scheduled or recurring events. But it can't run by itself, and has to be activated, usually with every page load, or by a cron job configured in your server.

In other words, this is a service that activates your wp-cron on timely intervals that you specify, without loading your site or accessing your web server configuration.

How does it work?

After saving your API Key to the plugin settings tab, you just have to set up a call time. We will then make a call and activate your system scheduler. If it comes across scheduled events, it will execute them.

A call is a recurring time interval set by you, that tells us when you want us to activate your system scheduler. It can be set to every month in the same day, every week, day, hour or minute, depending on your subscription.

You can set up as many calls per website as you want, in accordance with your subscription plan. Or you can configure calls in different websites, as long as your subscription still has calls left to use.

What can i do with it?

We think you might find it useful if:

Scheduled events never happen when you want them to;
You can't access your internal server's cron system;
You want a faster WordPress website in high traffic hours;
You have visitor independent events activation;
Or... if you simply want more control over your site's wp-cron system.

If there's something wrong will I get help?

We want our service and plugin to work like a clock. If it doesn't, we will do our best to fix it.

Just send us an email to support@wprightontime.com.

Why free trial?

We believe you should have the right to try and test this tool for its usefulness, before putting money into it.

If you like it just keep working with it, and we'll take care of the subscription payments for you.

If you don't find it useful, no problem. Just cancel your subscription during the first 15 days, and you will never be charged.

Recommended requirements

WordPress 4.7

Our plugin will work with older WordPress versions and on any environment with php version above 5.4, but we don't recommend it.

With any version below 5.4.0 you will not even be able to instal the plugin. If that's your case please update your environment. You'll feel good about yourself, and the internet will thank you.

If you stumble upon any questions that haven´t been answered here, please email us to support@wprightontime.com, and we'll get back to you ASAP.