Terms, Conditions & Policies.

Personal data

Your personal data is yours, and we respect that. We will never sell or share your personal data with either private or commercial entities.

Your email and other personal info will only be used to communicate with you in the context of this service.

Payment information

We do not store any credit card data or sensitive payment information in our server. All payment information is sent directly to our payment process service gateway, and will never cross our server.

Free trial, Subscription process and Refund policy

You have 15 days to use and test the service/plugin free of charge. If you cancel the subscription within those first 15 days, you will never be charged and your account will be set to “inactive”.

After 15 days, we'll assume that you've tested it, liked it and want to work with it, so we will process the subscription payment. If you cancel your subscription for any reason after day 15, the service/plugin will remain active until the end of the current billing period but you will not be billed again.

Customers with yearly billed subscriptions, will receive an email before another billing cycle starts and the payment is processed.

We don’t do refunds. We offer you an opportunity to hinder the first payment, and to cancel further payments. So feel free to take advantage of that.


The WordPress ecosystem is very diverse. There are very well coded plugins and themes, but also very bad coded and insecure plugins or themes. We cannot guaranty by any means, that our plugin will work in every possible scenario.

That being said, we will work around the clock to solve any conflicts with other plugins in order to fix your specific problem.

It is your responsibility to experiment with and assess the plugin during the first 15 days trial period. If any issues come up after that, we will assume they are related to variations to the initial tested environment (server modifications, WordPress core updates, plugins and themes updates). We cannot be held accountable for that.


Our official support medium is support@wprightontime.com. We might answer some questions about the service through that email, but we'll only address support questions to customers with an active status subscription.